Fix Error Code 0x800704cf When Opening Microsoft Store Apps On Windows 10

hqdefault - Fix Error Code 0x800704cf When Opening Microsoft Store Apps On Windows 10

Once you’ve opened the device manager, expand the devices and choose “update drivers.” After this process, restart your PC. If due to this whea_uncorrectable_error system crashes or restart frequently, then boot into safe mode and apply solutions listed below to fix the problem. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode that starts Windows in a basic state using a limited set of files and drivers. Here different ways to start windows 10 in safe mode.

See more information about Outbyte uninstall instructions EULA Privacy Policy. Click the Services tab, then select the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option. However, I can open any website through browser Chrome/Opera/Edge without any delay.

When You Should Use DISM?

If this step returns with an error, then rerun the same command. This time, DISM will try to fix the issues by connecting to Windows servers and downloading the required files to fix the problems in your OS. In Read-Only mode, SFC will only notify the user about the errors in the file system and will not attempt to fix them. The user can later fix those issues on their own, or run the sfc /scannow command again to let SFC fix those problems. You may be able to get good working files to replace in your installation from another device running the exact edition and version of Windows 10. If you do not know the location of the damaged file, you may need to perform an online search with the information available in the SFC log file.

  • Enter your Windows product key in the new dialog box.
  • If the RAM is experiencing issues, you’ll have to test the computer by removing RAM sticks until you figure out which one is causing the problem.
  • This makes it a little more tricky to use a Roku device with a VPN.
  • I have tried reseting the app with WSreset.exe, but it doesn’t work.

I’d wipe the drive clean and install a clean install of Windows 10. With PSU’s I’ve never heard of too much power being an issue and usually it’s underpowered thats the problem but yours i think is fine. Repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag. The crash was another bugcheck 124 blaming the processor.

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The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is one of those. Remember – you can always return new parts while they’re under warranty. People who experience this error on new builds often swap out their CPU and find that the error disappears when they install the new one. Keep an eye on your computer in the future to determine how often it needs to be cleaned. Some damage caused by rising temperatures can’t be fixed quickly, and it can shorten the lifetime of your PC components.

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it?

XML provides more granular information and a consistent format for structured data. There are some other places to look if you are looking for more detailed error messages or can’t find anything in your IIS log file. The error logs will indicate the specific symbol or syntax that caused it, along with the file and code line, making it easy to fix the syntax error. One of the details that the PHP error log provides is the type of error that occurred. In general, there are four types of PHP errors.